Ultra-lightweight. One-fourth the weight of glass panels.

3mm thin "stickable" solar panels.


Ultra-thin solar panels

Lightweight and thin, suitable for locations
where glass panels cannot be installed

Glass solar panels cannot be installed on less durable roofs because the panels themselves are heavy and require a frame, which adds even more weight.

The “PELAPELA Solar” is about a quarter of the weight of a typical glass solar panel.With a thickness of 3.0 mm, it can be bent like a clear file to accommodate a variety of roof shapes.
(5.2 kg per panel for PELAPELA solar panels, compared to 20 kg per panel for glass panels)

In addition, since they can be installed with adhesive, no mounts are required.Therefore, it can be used on roofs where glass solar panels cannot be installed.
With the use of a dedicated mounting base, installation on slate roofs is also possible.

Case 1


Installed on building walls, prefabricated warehouse roofs and walls, etc., using adhesives.

Case 2

Installed on roofs such as container houses where normal panels cannot bear the weight.

Case 3


Installed on specially shaped roofs, such as the R roofs often seen on gymnasiums.


Time to installation is fast.

Since a special adhesive is used in collaboration with an adhesive manufacturer, a trestle, which has been the norm for solar panels, is not necessary. (*Special lanes may be used.)
Conventional solar panel installation usually takes about three weeks, but PELAPELA solar panels can be installed in about one week (about one-third as fast as conventional panels).

Warranty coverage even in areas with heavy salt damage

PELAPELA Solar is guaranteed to generate electricity even in heavily salt-affected areas, as long as it is located at least 50 meters from the coast and is not directly exposed to the spray.

Media Coverage

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March 23, 2023

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December 23, 2022

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November 15, 2022


Q. Does the thinness of the panels reduce the amount of electricity generated compared to regular glass panels?

A. No. PELAPELA solar panels are monocrystalline, so they generate more power than polycrystalline panels.

Q. What will the price be if the panels are lighter and thinner?

A. Comparing the price per panel, it is more expensive than regular panels, but the unit price may be lower depending on the number of panels installed.
Please contact us for a free estimate.

Q. What kind of adhesive do you use? Won’t it peel off?

A. The adhesive is made in Japan in collaboration with an adhesive manufacturer.
Wind tunnel tests have shown that it can withstand wind speeds of 60 m/sec.
In the case of a folded-plate roof, special screws may be used to fix the roof if the convex protruding joint is too narrow.

Q. Can it be installed on the roof surface of a steel-frame vinyl greenhouse?

A. For agricultural vinyl greenhouses, we recommend installing PELAPELA Solar in a non-adhesive manner, such as by fixing it with wires in an arch shape.
Please contact us for details.

Q. Can it be installed on a slate roof?

A. Yes, it can be installed on slate roofs with the use of a special frame.

Inquiries about PELAPELA solar installations

PELAPELA Solar is a solar power system installation and construction service for corporations that use industrial electricity.
If you wish to install the system on a private residence, we do not provide direct installation services.
If you are considering installation in a detached house, please consult with a local installation specialist, who will then contact us.


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